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In my opinion simply doing something for a long time isn't enough.  First off I think consistently harvesting mature whitetails is a must.  From the client's perspective it's also valuable if the consultant has hunted in multiple states.  


Over the years I've hunted terrain ranging from 2 acre suburban woodlots in CT & NY to several thousand acre public walk-in areas in SD & MT.  I've enjoyed the challenge of chasing mature whitetails in the cedar swamps & river bottoms of my home state of WI along with the rolling hills of KY & OH.  Each state presents its own unique challenges but a successful hunter adapts.  


As your consultant I'll put together a plan to stack the odds in your favor so you can harvest more mature whitetails on your property.  Once the season opens I'll be available for phone consultations along with periodic visits to your property in order to ensure you're implementing the strategies we discussed. 


Let's do this!

What makes one hunter qualified to give advice to another? 



Proper tree stand placement

There's a good reason this is #1 on the list. 


Proper stand/ground blind placement is crucial for consistent hunting success.  I'll help clients understand where to hang stands to improve your success.


Instruction on proper

stand access

Choosing the right location is only the first step. 


Step 2 is making your access bulletproof.




Extreme scent control recommendations

A buck's best line of defense is his nose so the successful hunter takes the proper scent control measures each & every time they hunt.  

I'll share with clients the steps I take for consistent success.


Where to create sanctuaries

A mature whitetail life is about avoiding land mines.  He must survive hunters, predators, disease, vehicles, injuries & EHD. 

I'll point out which areas on your farm should be designated as sanctuaries to improve deer herd survival.



Where to place water holes

Water is essential to life.  Both humans & whitetail deer require water daily. 


If the client lacks adequate water we'll recommend water holes in specific locations.


How to implement the

"Leap Frog" method



This technique is very effective & I help clients apply this powerful approach in order to keep the element of surprise in the hunter's favor. 



Food Plots

Knowing what you have for food on your property is extremely important. 


If your property lacks abundant native browse, nut & fruit-producing trees it's always a good idea to enhance the property by adding food plots. 


We'll discuss whether food plots are necessary and if so where to place them to work in your favor.


Using thermals & prevailing winds to your advantage

We've all heard the phrase, "Hunt the wind" but what does that mean? 


We will determine how thermals, prevailing wind speed & direction will determine where you need to hunt.


How to hunt funnels

A "funnel" is any habitat that concentrates the travel of game. 


We will find the best funnels or create funnels on your property to maximize results.



The proper use of scouting cameras


There's a right way & a wrong way to use scouting cameras in order to gain the proper intel yet be as low impact as possible.

We'll create the best plan for doing so on your farm.


How to create a primary scrape

Not all scrapes are created equal & in fact most are made at night. 

I'll show clients where to create scrapes that will create a central hub of activity near your ambush sites.


How to use the surrounding hunting pressure to your advantage

Can you actually use hunting pressure on the surrounding properties to your advantage?  

The answer is yes & I'll show you how!


-With this in-depth phone consultation we'll go over the aerial map of your farm.  Of course one must keep in mind there are limitations as deer sign (beds, scrapes, rubs, etc.) are not visible on a map but instead we'll have to rely on the client's observation and experience from hunting the property.  From this consultation I'll give recommendations for food plot design, stand & camera locations and how to properly hunt each of those stand locations.

(FULL PLAN):                       $3,750
-This plan will provide the landowner with the most accurate and thorough information which lends itself to the highest p
ercentage of success.
(SCOUT THE PROPERTY):      $1,250/day (The # of days required to scout the farm is terrain/acreage dependent) 
STEP TWO (CREATE THE PLAN):           $2500

-This option is for the established client who wants continued support for future seasons.  Because every season brings on its own set of challenges the seasoned hunter understands the benefit of continued support as hunting mature bucks is about adaption.  This valuable option allows the client to have phone access throughout the season to have their questions addressed.  More often than not the deer we pursue do not "read the script" and previous plans may need to be modified in real time.  When a client relays any important in-season, real time changes this can mean the difference between filling a tag or not.

*Pricing is for properties located w/in 100 mile radius.  For properties greater than 100 miles away client will be charged at a rate of $.50/mile for travel* 


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